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Aaron Bartsch

Aaron always had an affinity for building things at a younger age (building Ikea furniture, Legos, or enjoying shop classes) but never pieced together those skills into a career.

Not until later in life did he decide to attend Algonquin College for the Building Construction Technician course did he come to realize his love for carpentry/construction.

Since 2013, Aaron has dedicated himself to the craft of carpentry. Constantly expanding his skillset and his mission has never wavered. Build useful things for others in a sustainable and affordable manner.

Aaron started Westwood Carpentry in 2017 after the birth of his first child. He knew he wanted to be available more for his family and his current work situation wouldn't allow for that kind of schedule. Thus Westwood Carpentry was born soon after.

Aaron continues to lead his team at home and on-site to ensure that customers get the quality of project they want and deserve at an affordable price.

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